Lit Up Leadership Academy by Toni Collis

A complete program for women in tech to accelerate their influence, step into their dream leadership career and break through the glass ceiling

Lit Up Leadership Academy is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you the high performance, career-accelerating leadership skills you need, but exactly how to use these to break through the glass ceiling that holds so many women back in the tech industry, and how to bring these skills to the decision-making table to create a bigger and more positive impact on the world around us through the use of technology.

Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

You’re a dreamer with no shortage of ambition who’s tired of doing-all-the-things, and yet not getting the recognition and influence you deserve. You’re ready to build a massive impact, influence the future of the tech industry, get the recognition you deserve, and build a high performing team. 

Whether you’re…

a seasoned manager who’s reached a very real ceiling that knows leading a great team and influencing your organisation is your ticket to achieving more, doing great things in your career and creating the impact you dream of in your current organisation

a job hunter in search of you next great leadership role (even if you have a stable job right now) and you are tired of being confined to a limited role, not having your ideas taken seriously, and fully aware you’re capable of so much more

a budding leader who wants to build a stand-out career in tech the smart way with outstanding leadership and a clear career trajectory from the get-go (hint: most new managers just turn themselves into an overworked employee, doing their old job and their managerial role, and remain stuck in the mode of constantly treading water and avoiding burnout hustle)

an Executive who is ready to shake up your organisation and build better tech by leveraging the multiplicative power of great leadership

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how Lit Up Leadership Academy will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to designing, building and creating the leadership career in tech you want.

By the end of this program you will have:

☑︎ Nailed down a clear roadmap for your tech leadership career

the steps you need to take to get to where you want to be, the skills you need to develop,  instead of spending yet another year just thinking about it

☑︎ Set ruthless priorities (that you actually feel good about)

so that you can work more strategically for you, your team and your career, while feeling great about sticking at it

☑︎ Stop management and leadership taking so much of your time

by developing the essential skills that make leadership easier, and turn your team from a liability into an asset, so you can get on with the rest of your job

☑︎ Expertly communicate as a confident leader with stakeholders, executives, future employers and investors

even if you’re a total introvert who second-guesses what is inside your head, and have had bad experiences because of poor communication in the past

☑︎ Leveraged a mix of Executive Presence strategies

to get a reputation inside and outside your organisation as the go-to trusted person who can be relied on, and listened to, every single time 

☑︎ Developed the mindset that sets apart the world’s most extraordinary high-performance leaders

so you can strengthen your leadership, by showing up as a confident leader, capable of the best outcomes

But above all else…

Lit Up Leadership Academy will give you the strategy, skills and mindset to finally break through that glass ceiling, make the leap from trading time for more responsibility, to advancing your tech leadership career (while having a life). It shows you the way to create great impact without just working harder.

“Toni brought a whole new perspective and allowed me to think completely differently about the way I was approaching my business.

Her advice is really practical and I was able to implement the strategies immediately, making me feel more in control and positive about my direction.”

– Sarah Osler

Plain and Simple: Lit Up Leadership Academy Will Help You Create A Job That Allows You To Thrive And It’s Officially Open for Enrollment

(But not for long…)

“As soon as I started working with Toni we plowed straight into some major sticking points in my career, and I’m delighted that within weeks of starting work with Toni I finally got a seat at the exec table to be able to drive DEI initiatives holistically across Tile.

Tackling self doubt and dealing with emotions have dramatically improved my executive presence, which has resulted taking my career to the next level. I’ve become empowered to have those difficult conversations and know that the outcome will be successful.

During my time working with Toni I’ve turned around the Web Team at Tile – something that has benefitted not just me but the entire business.

But the work with Toni goes beyond just tangible results I have more self confidence, my relationship with my husband is going better (not something I expected from Leadership Coaching!), I forgive myself more, and I celebrate the little things more.

Toni challenges me and pushes me, but lovingly and in a way that feels safe and I’m actually able to address and dig into deeper issues. 

I’ve worked with other coaches before, but Toni has been able to really empower me to think about the things I need to focus on and think about how it’s all intertwined.

– Jossie Haines, Sr Director of Engineering, Tile

jossie headshot

What's Inside Lit Up Leadership Academy?

Module 00 (instant access!)

The Welcome & Kickstarter module

Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who’s gone before you — I know exactly where most women in tech get stuck and held back in their leadership careers.  In this module, we’re going to set you up for success and put together a clear roadmap to kickstart your Lit Up Leadership future.

We’ll start by discussing how to get instant momentum in your career, and the biggest decisions you need to make to get out of your own way with the end goal of helping you achieve TOTAL clarity about where you’re going and HOW you’re going to get there.

Module 01

Understanding People and Developing Your Team

The one thing that holds back many leaders (even seasoned self-proclaimed ‘pros’) is understanding behaviours in their team, their peers, their managers, and even the broader community from stakeholders, boards and future employers. Nothing is worse than having your words and actions  misunderstood, negative workplace politics, a team that needs hand-holding in order to deliver, and having to work all-the-hours to get your team’s work done as well as yours. 

Yet, this is the nightmare that many managers find themselves in (including business owners, and experienced leaders).

It’s not that they don’t want to effectively navigate the politics of the workplace team dynamics and delegate efficiently. They’re just overwhelmed by politics and people, and have no clue why their ideas keep getting shut-down, and their team is working hard, yet under-delivering.

So they just keep doing what they were doing before, hoping that they’ll be the exception to the rule. Fortunately, there’s a better way. And in Module 1, I’ll show you how to work with people like a pro, develop your team so they do more for all of you without excessive oversight, the art of effective delegation and how to manage laterally and manage up.

Meaning, you’ll be armed with total confidence and excitement to influence change, navigate the politics, and lead a team that is constantly high-performing (and clarity on what to do when things aren’t going right in the future).

Module 02

Communication as a Leadership Strategy

Effective leadership is largely down to good communication. Sounds so simple. Right?!

Raise your hand if you have these problems: 

  • You have a great idea, but you keep getting shut down by your boss.
  • You feel like you get conflicting priorities handed out week after week.
  • You feel unable to tell people how they are screwing up, even though  with every missed deadline that you let happen, and every subpar piece of work, that these people are damaging the team
  • You are working even harder as you keep covering for people while dealing with a boss who doesn’t see that things could  be done better
  • You feel like you need to repeat yourself 10 times to get people to take action on what really matters.


Yep. Totally get it.

As a stand-out techy and leader, you want to feel that you are having an impact, you want your ideas taken seriously. You don’t want to be full of the resentment (and yes anger!), that is lurking under the surface every time you are let down.

That’s why in Module 2, you’ll get access to the key skills that enable you to use communication alone as the most important strategy in your leadership toolkit. I’ll help you figure out where to focus, and what you need to do to get your stakeholders listening to your ideas, and taking them forward. We’ll break down those barriers that are holding you back, and how to stop having to repeat yourself 10 times to get the important stuff heard.

And because communication is a two-way process, you’ll also be developing your team’s communication, so that you have improved team dynamics, effectiveness, all while creating your social influence that helps you stand-out as a leader, influencer and change-maker.

Oh and did I mention, you’ll learn how to do this, and get comfortable with it all, even if you are an introvert, and how to use these skills for improved interviews?

Module 03

Strategy and Process

Now that you have the biggest (and most common) barriers to great leadership tackled, it’s time to develop the skills that set you apart from the competition

Far too many teams and business’ fail to thrive because they don’t understand true strategic process. From start-ups to established business’ I’ve seen far too many fail to fulfill their full potential because strategy is often considered an optional extra in tech. Or something that you just ‘know how to do’.

In this module I’ll show you the true role of strategy and process in leadership and management instead of using just the project management approach. 

I’ll take you through the ‘Do More With  Less’ principle that helps you stay ahead of the competition, and target your strategic development priorities (oh and stand out in that next round of promotions!).

And you’ll find out about the 6 key strategies every company needs, and which apply to your area of expertise and current role, and figure out how to contribute to them, even if it isn’t in your current job description. 

Even if you’ve never written a strategy in your life, and you are a more tactical person, this module will break it down into simple, easy-to-execute steps that will finally make you feel confident about creating and sharing an influential and game-changing strategy!

Module 04

Executive Presence

Ever been told that you don’t have the promotion or job because you need to work on your ‘Executive Presence’? Even though you are doing-all-the-things right, and you have amazing results on your resume?

This module is worth the cost of enrollment alone. In it, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Executive Presence, and why it is being used as a blocker in your career.

From working effectively under stress, to overcoming boardroom “stage” fright, what to do if you aren’t seen as a leader, what to do if your public speaking skills are lacking, and my personal favourite: what to do if you can’t think on your feet as well as creating and communicating irresistible strategy that gets buy-in from all levels in the business, and setting a vision that has everyone excited and engaged — it’s ALL inside this module.

In the juiciest module of this program, you’ll learn how to leverage a perfect mix of self-promotion, influence, and healthy workplace politics to ENSURE you are taken seriously every time. Even if you’ve never tackled workplace politics, this module will break the whole process down, show you what you are missing, and the actions you need to take in simple, easy-to-execute career up-levelling steps.

Module 05

The art of thoughtful leadership

This is where you graduate from “that’s nice” results to, “let’s celebrate with champagne” results.

This is the bit where you’ll suddenly see all the pieces coming together, and wake up realising that leadership is taking less time and getting you more results.

In this module, we’ll cover the tools that you probably use every day, that are currently holding you back, and flip those into techniques to create better outcomes.

You’ll learn how to stop drowning in decisions, and instead leverage decision-making as a leadership quality.

We’ll talk about emotional intelligence and how using it can make it easier to get what you need from your team, peers, bosses and board, while making your team more loyal and more productive. 

This is the module that the majority of leadership courses never cover and yet is where everything comes together and becomes easier, day after day. 

Without this, you’ll be leaving a good chunk of potential on the table.

By using the resources waiting for you inside this module, you’ll eliminate the guesswork and start impacting your broader organization.

Module 06

Developing and Nurturing the Extraordinary Leaders’ Mindset


You’ve now mapped out your future leadership career, built an extraordinary set of leadership tools, and you are influencing change to create better tech, all without the hustle and stress that lead to burnout!

Now we get to the step in the process where you’ll learn how to embed these principles for life and build the leadership mindset that equips you for good days, bad days, tough decisions and developing you and your extraordinary team

Using your new communication, executive presence and emotional intelligence skills, you’ll dig into your natural leadership archetype, the benefits this offers and the common pitfalls to avoid.

You will develop a detailed understanding of how to leverage your natural tendencies, as well as developing the necessary components from other leadership archetypes.

And we wrap it all up by leaning into your greatness as you learn how to embed small actions that build into great things

Here's What You'll Get

when you enroll during this limited time period:

6 Implementation Modules + The Kickstarter Module

showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to do to turn your expertise into a wildly successful tech leadership career, get the influence you want, and get that seat at the decision-making table.

The Think On Your Feet Formula

to make sure you are able to respond to a completely unexpected question as though had fully prepared for it, without waffle and with structure.

The Mindset Strategies of High Performance Leadership

to equip you for an extraordinary career in the tech industry.

A complete, step-by-step leadership career plan

showing you how to identify the gaps in your skill-set, how to position yourself for your next role, and how to create the opportunities you want, instead of waiting for that perfect role that never seems to arrive.

$1997 Value

You’ll be given access to one module every two weeks

‒ so that you have ample time to dive into the lessons and execute that portion of your leadership career plan BEFORE moving onto the next.

We do this to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that stops most would-be great leaders in their tracks, and stops them from stepping into their true greatness.

Plus You’ll be Backed by a Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee

Let me say this upfront.

This is the only leadership program out there (that I know of) that is designed for women in tech by a woman in tech who got to the C-Suite in 7 years (without an MBA).

This comprehensive, step-by-step program covers more than the traditional leadership training that focuses on planning and personality types (we do that too), but tackles the challenges faced by women in the tech industry, and equips you with what you need to overcome the systemic bias and barriers that are in our way.

You aren’t just getting access to this program, but an entire community of women who are motivated, super-supportive members, and like you, are building a career in tech that is about more than just them. This is about changing the world, and making the tech industry a place where everyone thrives, and building better tech because of it.

When you join, you will be part of this special group.

Now here’s the kicker.

By the end of these 30 days, you’ll have received access to the first two modules of Lit Up Leadership Academy.

Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to understand what is currently holding back your team’s progress, how to influence those around you, and focus on strengthening your team’s cohesion, interpersonal relationships and happiness. You’ll know what core communication strategies you need to be using more to get heard by your team and your boss. And you’ll be getting clear and focused on your ruthless priorities for success. You’ll get all of that BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don’t feel totally confident that this is what you need to up-level your career, simply reach out, show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment. Full details here »

“I have been working with Toni for nearly a year now, and I can honestly say it was one of the best things I could have done for my business (and for myself!).

Toni has boosted my confidence, pushed me when I needed to be pushed, and also recognised a lot of the personal and life issues that were impacting my productivity.

Toni astounded me from the first with her wisdom, empathy, and intellect. She sees straight through me and gives me exactly the advice, and sometimes the tough love, I need to get over my blockers and make progress.

Toni challenges me to be the best I can possibly be, and makes me feel like I can actually achieve anything I want.  Toni and realised she understood everything I wanted to do, and everything that was in my way.  She’s amazing.”

– Linda McIver, CEO, ADSEI


Got some questions? Here’s a few I’ve heard before...

LULA is set up to give you the tool that enable you to get immediate wins, efficiencies, impact and time-savings in your day-to-day work. Yes there are actions to take, and video training to watch, but this entire program is designed to enhance your current job, not add an additional job on top of it. Unlike many programs out there you won’t be asked to take on a special assignment or project. Instead, you get actionable advice and strategies to make your day-to-day work operations more efficient and effective. Plus you get lifetime access to LULA. Yes, there is 12 weeks of support, but you can take this program at your own pace. You are never behind, but exactly where you need to be – doing what you need to do right now.

This course is a comprehensive program that covers the skills that I use with my one-on-one clients (and actually those I needed myself) to get to the Executive Team. Options are available to enhance the experience with group and 1:1 coaching, but the core materials are covered in the Academy. However, we don’t cover the job hunt process (from resume writing to interviews) in detail, aside from how to ensure you are getting the right kind of attention from your great leadership. If this is the area you most need help on, we advise you get these skills first, and then return to LULA at a future date.

No! In fact I believe that the world of tech would benefit if more team members were trained in leadership before they need those skills! It is actually harder to re-train someone who has ‘figured it out’ incorrectly by being a manager. If you are excited to get into a leadership and management position now or in the future, this course will accelerate your progress, and give you the tools you need to be thriving right now. 

This course is designed to take you through all of the principles of leadership from the very beginning. You will get everything you need to thrive right now, as well as a great community of like-minded individuals at your level, and above (a great way to kick-start your professional networking!).

Yes! If you are wondering why you spend so much time managing, or your team seems to be constantly doing the wrong thing, I’m sorry to tell you, it isn’t them, it’s you! But don’t worry, you aren’t alone! The tech industry is built on the assumption that leadership skills are a nice-to-have add-on that can be picked up in the job by anyone bright enough to have a good technical background. The truth is very different. Leadership takes time to develop, learn and nurture. If you’ve never been formally trained in anything described in the module outlines earlier on this webpage, you’ve probably got a lot of growth potential ahead of you! And you’ll be in good company – I’ve trained and coached many brilliant executives and CEOs, so that they can step into even more greatness!

You will get immediate access to the Welcome & Kickstarter module, and Module 1: Developing your team on January 25th, 2021. After that you’ll get a new module every two weeks. We do this to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that stops most would-be great leaders in their tracks, and stops them from stepping into their true greatness.

Yes – Toni will be in the private Facebook Group every week answering your questions, including 10 Live Q&A sessions. If you would like a more hands-on coaching experience, you may want to consider Lit-Up Leadership Group Coaching Experience or the VIP Lit-Up Leaders Experience including 1:1 Coaching, both of which provide dedicated coaching time with Toni alongside the Academy program.

Each module is designed to provide actions to embed in your day-to-day job, but to complete the module you should expect to spend about 4 hours per module to get through all of the materials. However, you get lifetime access to the materials, so you can take as long as you need to complete the course!

I don’t want you to have buyers remorse, so if during the first 30 days you decide that Lit Up Leadership Academy isn’t the support you need in your leadership career, please email support{at}tonicollis{dot}com. But there is so much transformation waiting for you inside, because your success is my main purpose, and why this Academy was created. If you do the work (details here) and decide this course is not right for you, just let us know and we will refund your investment.

I’m not going to lie: to get the big wins isn’t some quick scheme. It takes time, practice, and yup, some leadership push-ups along the way! But LULA is setup to give you some quick wins early on. I’ve carefully structured the program so that each step makes the next one easier. If you take the time to embed each new principle you learn along the way, your career will accelerate. You know, start slow and steady, adding 1% a day, then suddenly after a month you’ve accelerated by 30%. Take daily action and results will happen, but there are no miracles or unicorns here.

Ready to bet on yourself and thrive in your tech leadership career?

It’s your time!

“Toni is an amazing trainer and coach and a wonderful human being. She has a passion for helping people, especially women to become effective leaders. She helped me harness my voice to advocate for my ideas and self-worth.

Toni has pushed me out of my comfort zone to devise solutions to problems that I didn’t think were mine to solve. She challenged my old way of thinking and helped me retrain my brain to be a better problem solver. ”

– Jen Paxton, VP of People & Talent, Privy

If you’re thinking “this sounds amazing but I’m still not 100% sure” keep reading…

You should give Lit Up Leadership Academy a 30 day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:


You want your life back… like…

really badly.

Whether it’s a super demanding team, a boss that just doesn’t stop, or so much ambition there is just a whole load you need to do, you’re fully aware that keeping going this way is going to lead to burnout. Fast.

Maybe you’ve turned down previous promotions because you are aware that more responsibility means yet more time.

More importantly, you’d prefer not to spend the rest of your career flirting with burnout while chanting the mantra of “I don’t have time” every time something fun and exciting pops up.

Being a great leader, gives you time back. In fact great leadership requires time off and time out – something that you don’t get told on your way up. Working harder and longer only gets you so far, and in fact makes it slower to get anywhere. Great leadership requires you to have the creativity that comes from a calmer schedule. And true leadership gives you that time back, because great leadership means you spend less time managing, and less time doing the busy-work. Great leadership frees you up to only do work you love and ultimately give you the freedom you crave.

That’s why you’re motivated beyond measure to invest the next few months in learning and installing the leadership practices that set apart the leaders that power-glide to the top, get noticed, and get the career results you are after.


You’re so freakin’ ready to “put in the work”.

By now, you fully understand that when it comes to management positions in tech, the barriers to entry are low for many — but the barriers to success are high (and even higher if you are a woman). There are far too many bad managers out there, from micromanagers to absent managers, and from constant pivotors to those who keep everything a secret.

If you are ready to overcome those big barriers and you are excited by the potential of influencing change with your leadership then you know that this barrier to great success also serves as your biggest competitive advantage against the dabblers and those without a COMPLETE, step-by-step implementation plan.

But above all else, you’re ready, willing, and excited to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

You’re not afraid of putting in the effort. The only thing that scares you is “wasted effort.”

And because Lit Up Leadership Academy is based on the experiences of women in tech, not just from Toni (LULA’s creator) but also the experience of her 1:1 clients, this is a refined and comprehensive program for creating a thriving leadership career in tech, so you can have total confidence that every hour you invest in developing and building your leadership skills will pay off dramatically in the coming months and years.


You recognize that there is no “perfect time” and waiting is not the answer.

That doesn’t mean you don’t break a sweat when you think about pressing the buy button below and investing in your incredibly promising future. But it does mean you’re fully aware that it’s “one day, or day one” and only YOU can decide.

For what it’s worth, if there ever was a “right time”, it would be now. The tech industry has a dearth of leadership talent, and yet many great candidates are not able to get to the top table because they aren’t able to demonstrate their true value. To make matters worse the tech industry is still heavily white-male dominated and products and services are being designed without true diversity at the table. This means the world is delivered products that serve a segment of the population, not everyone. The tech industry is the one sector that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so buckle up and get ready to share your skills far and wide!

With everything you get inside of LULA, including the stack of special launch bonuses, you’re totally unwilling to let this opportunity slip — and even MORE unwilling to let a countdown timer get to decide what the next 12 weeks looks like for you.

Still On The Fence?

Wondering if this is what you need, or if now is not the time…

Whenever I’m about to make a big decision the most comforting thing is to talk through where I am right now and whether this next step is the right one. I’ll be quite honest with you: Lit Up Leadership Academy isn’t for everyone. So I’m quite happy to have a coffee chat with you to discuss whether this is the support you need right now, or if something else would be better or needs to come first. 

Book a coffee chat with me, and we’ll get clear on what you need next

This is the only time Lit Up Leadership Academy will be offered at this Founding Members price. Next time the doors open the price will be going up by 50%.

So what’s it gonna be?

Will you put your trust in me and the program to create a leadership career that helps you and your team thrive, gets you heard, stops you second guessing, creates real impact in the tech world, and helps you lead with ease and confidence while impacting more people?

If the answer is a solid ‘let’s do this’ get yourself into Lit Up Leadership Academy and let’s get started!

How 2020 changed the tech leadership for the better and why YOU deserve a seat at this table…

The night I realised that I didn’t want my husband to go back to work in the morning because of COVID, I remember a feeling of intense dread. I’d been reading about COVID for sometime, and I reached a point (weeks before others did, because I’m the kind of person who goes and reads the literature before the politicians and news outlets do!), where I knew the world was going to change. And I knew it would be a permanent change.

I was dreading the suffering that was ahead, the uncertainty, and the pain that people were going to experience from losses of jobs, income and loved ones. 

But I also knew that this was an opportunity. The one sector that could get us through this was technology. Technology to work remotely. Technology to enable us to operate as a species with social distancing. Technology to enable us to shop, live, exist, entertain and so much more… while online. 

And it was also a great opportunity for us to level the gender playing field. As families worked from home, home-schooled, and lived everything together, altogether, this was a the chance to show the unpaid work that women were doing. And at the same time, it was the chance to demonstrate the value of great leadership. No more could a manager rely on an office walkaround to figure out how the team was doing. Avoiding mass burnout would require understanding your team, not just managing them. 

If we got rid of the bad managers, we wouldn’t just have happier staff, we’d have better tech. 

As the days and weeks unfolded I witnessed many of my 1:1 clients have huge successes – they stood out from the noise. They were thriving. Did they have bad times? Yes! And so did I. We all had our wobbles in 2020. But they were now showing their teams what was possible when you led the right way. 

But at the same time my heart broke for the people who were losing their jobs and hustling to find solutions and fast.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that great leadership is needed more than ever.  

Progress has been slower than I would have liked (I still remain a steadfast optimist though). But there has truly never been a better time to demonstrate great leadership and help the people around you who are desperately seeking stability, motivation, solutions and empathy that YOU have so that together you can all change the world.

You might think only those with MBAs, the techiest people, or the most extroverted can get to the Executive Team. The truth: the best leaders have breadth, not depth. The best leaders surround themselves with technical superstars so that they can focus on being the link that brings it altogether. The best leaders focus on communication first. The best leaders invest in their leadership skills instead of waiting for it to just turn up one day. 

There is room for you at the table my friend, so what are you waiting for? Slide on in and commit to creating a thriving leadership career that has you excited about Monday mornings, and able to choose from multiple offers every time you are ready for a new challenge, all while getting off the 70hrs+/week struggle bus that isn’t actually serving you or your organisation (even though it feels like it is).

Should you choose to say YES to your inevitable success, I personally guarantee that these next 12 weeks will be completely and utterly life-changing for you and your family.

I can’t wait to meet you and cheer you on inside Lit Up Leadership Academy!

ALL my best,

Toni xx

Let’s do this!

Join Lit Up Leadership Academy Today at the lowest price this will ever be available at