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The podcast that helps women in tech accelerate their influence, step into their dream leadership career and break through the glass ceiling.

058: Why influence is an essential leadership skill (and how to turn it into a repeatable process)

You can be the person who speaks up, the person who chooses empathy. No matter the stage of your career – you can be the person who shows a better way!

In today’s episode, I invite the extraordinary Jane Yang, engineer without borders and proud child of immigrants, to talk to us all about a topic near and dear to my heart – inclusion! We discuss the tools we need to build strong leadership that manifests into effective AND inclusive tech organizations, and how we can use these tools right now to start building a better future – together.

Ready to show up, speak up, and create more inclusivity?

Let’s go to the show!

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055: How to Build Your Support Framework as a Woman in Tech with Rashim Mogha

Have you been feeling a bit stuck or stalled in your career?

Let’s talk about how you can build a support framework to uplevel your leadership, get you to that c-suite, or set you up for a career transition!

In today’s episode, the amazing Rashim Mogha – best selling author, keynote speaker, and women in tech evangelist – is joining us to talk all about networking, diversity and inclusion, and how to take risks in your career to get into action toward your dreams.

Ready to start cultivating and leveraging relationships to grow your leadership?

Let’s go to the show!

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042: 5 Tips to Ensuring You Get Noticed Next Time You Want To Be Noticed

Frustrated at being passed over for another promotion? Applying for jobs and not getting the right traction?

Let’s talk about what you could have been doing all along to get noticed at work and what you can do NOW to make sure you are noticed when the next opportunity comes!

In today’s episode, I share the 5 MOST IMPORTANT things you need to be doing right now (and really, all the time!) to get noticed in the workplace so you can get the new job title, pay raise, or promotion that you deserve!

Ready to start getting noticed for the standout leader that you are?

Let’s go to the show!

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041: The Mindset of Stepping up to the Executive Team with Jossie Haines

Want to take that next step in your career and step into an executive role? Maybe you feel burnt out or stuck where you are and need a shift to get you moving in the right direction?

Let’s talk about what it takes to step into your dream role!

In today’s episode, I talk with award winning leader and champion for women in tech, Jossie Haines. We discuss how she shows up in the industry – her role as V.P of Software Engineering at Tile and her mission to keep women and underrepresented minorities in tech – and the mindset shifts that you need to step up to the executive team (or any leadership role that you want!)

Ready to shift your mindset and get a seat at the table?

Let’s go to the show!

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040: My Journey To The C-Suite

Wondering what your path to the c-suite could look like? Need some guidance on upleveling your career, leadership, and executive presence?

Let’s talk about my journey to the c-suite – what drove me and how I got there (and what you can do to get there too)!

In today’s episode, I give you a behind the scenes peek at what it took to land my first executive role (wrote the description for the job myself!) and the major lessons I learned along the way so you can use these same tools to ditch the self-doubt and become the standout leader you were born to be!

Ready to become a better leader and elevate your career?

Let’s go to the show!

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039: Leveraging Your Personal Brand to Elevate Your Career and Business with Ewa Pietreniuk

Do you have a clear and unique online presence? Is it possible that you’re leaving opportunities on the table by not leveraging your personal brand?

Let’s talk about how you can start using your personal brand TODAY, to elevate your career and business!

In today’s episode, I talk to personal brand communication specialist, Ewa Pietreniuk, about all things personal branding – how to build your brand authentically and professionally, what could be holding you back from creating a strong online presence, and the specific skills and behaviours you can use to uplevel your branding and career!

Ready to embrace your authentic self, show her to the world, and accelerate your career and opportunities?

Let’s go to the show!

We dive into:
What a personal brand really is and what it can do for your career and business!
The evolution of personal branding and why it is a NECESSITY if you don’t want to fall behind in your career
What you need to know about communicating your brand online (and why this is SO important!)
The BIGGEST fear Ewa sees come up with clients around personal branding (and how to overcome it!)
One of the BIGGEST things that could be holding you back from career success
How to create a personal brand that is BOTH authentic and professional (and a simple place to start!)
A special discount Ewa is offering my listeners to help you leverage your personal brand and control your online presence!
And more!

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021: The 5 key components to unleash powerful networking

As the nights draw-in (at least in the northern hemisphere), it feels like it is time to embrace our inner hermits, give in to the new social distancing norm, and just give up on networking for the rest of the year. Just turn up to work (in person or virtually), mooch about, get stuff done, and go home (or close the laptop).

But we all know that networking is key. We all know that networking opens doors. And yet, the old boys network standard where you go golfing, or those networking events are just a bit meh. If that’s what it means to network, then, at least for the rest of the year, we’ll leave it to that old boys club, right?

Wrong. Networking doesn’t have to be icky. But most people miss what networking really is. We know it’s a good thing in principle. But we resist it. We know it opens doors, and yet, we go about it wrong.

Today I’m sharing with you what is really going on with effective networking. Why the old boys network works, and how we can use that knowledge to build a great women’s network, or whatever your network needs to be. I’m talking about the 5 components that mean it isn’t uncomfortable and instead open doors for you and for others. And when you learn how to get this right, it isn’t icky and uncomfortable. It feels good.

Want to know how on earth networking can feel good? Let’s dig in and go to the show.

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018: Building deeper network connections while being 100% virtual

Building connections has always been important for creating opportunities, opening doors, seeing what is possible, and even pushing through self-doubt and building our motivation.

But for many of us maintaining connections during a period where all or nearly all interactions are virtual, is hard work.

Creating new connections, whether they are new professional connections or new friendships ? Sounds like something impossible!

I’ve said it before, and I think it is time to say it again: it can actually be easier than in-person. But it does require conscious reframing of the tactics we used before the virtual-first approach…

And bonus: that wall you may have recently hit after 6 months of social distancing, the act of active connection, even if it for primarily professional purposes, can be just the thing you need to get unstuck once again.

So if you know you need to kick-start your networking again, or that you’d love to feel less isolated, but dread getting going, today’s podcast is for you.

Let’s dig in!
Are you wanting to build real personal resilience, so that you feel confident with those difficult conversations, instead of feeling anxious, exhausted, overwhelmed, and on the verge of burnout? 

Perhaps you are an ambitious change-agent, motivated to inspire others into a better way of doing things. But finding the time and energy to get the buy-in you know you need is, well, exhausting. 

Are you left feeling overwhelmed, drained and depleted? 

Perhaps you know the theory of leading, but it doesn’t seem to play out that way for you, and management seems to take up all your time, so you deciding to stick with the tech role you started with, despite your desire to influence and create positive change.

If you are ready to be full of confidence and be that influencer you crave, then I have one thing you need to know. The one thing that is not talked about enough when we are taught about leadership or leadership is ‘shown’ to us by those above. This one thing: it is the glue that makes great leadership happen.

Curious? Let’s go to the show.

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009: Networking your way to a job even if you are an introvert

Its not what you know, its who you know that gets you the job.

Does that feel uncomfortable to you?

Maybe it sounds like this means you have to play in the old boys network (and as a leading women in tech, that just fills you with dread and well, who wants to play that game – that’s part of what we are changing right as women rise up in tech, right?!)

But powerful relationships don’t have to mean back-room deals or job offers made to sons of men on the golf course.

As the hidden job market flourishes as a source of jobs, it is more important than ever that you get out there and network. Build real connections that will open doors to other connections, jobs and much more.

In a hyper connected world, your most important asset in your career is your network. It can overcome the endless application process. It can deal with the difficult career gap you have easily, and it can remove the need for yet another expensive qualification (which you don’t actually need, but you think you do need because how else do you stand out from 1000s of resumes)?

Your network is your biggest asset, and yet for many of us, applying for a hundred jobs feels infinitely easier than reaching out and building this mythical all-problems-solved network that the world (and I ) are talking about.

What if I told you that networking could be comfortable (yes even for introverts), and will land you a job in less time?

Interested? Let’s go to the show!

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008: The one big assumption that is holding you back in your job search

Job hunting. Eugh. Such a chore right?

But so necessary.

But in a world that is a hirer’s market, how do you get that job? And how do you get your next job right now, even if you are safe and secure in your current role? If you are looking to uplevel and your current company has a promotion freeze, do you stay put just because we are living in a time where unemployment is rising?

I’m here to tell you that you can get a job right now. But you may not be going about it the right way.

There is a hidden job market, which as your rise up the ranks in your organization becomes more and more important. The top level jobs are basically never advertised. But what is this hidden job market and what can you do to access it? Well, I’ll tell you straight up that it isn’t about applying for every job you find advertised!

Want to find out more? Let’s go to the show!

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