022: You, your team and Pandemic burnout

Back in October, I hit a wall. 

A pandemic wall.

For the first time since March, I cried because the pandemic was impacting me personally. 

That might seem odd – I mean haven’t we all had a good cry from time to time between the start of the pandemic and now? 

Well for me, I’d started the pandemic with the intention for optimism and a truckload of self-care. So although I’ve cried – because hey I love a good cry (zero judgment if you do too!), up until October it had not been about me. It had been about other people hurting, the lives lost, the fact that people had to put their lives on the line to take care of us. I cried that people had to put their lives at risk to get heard because of the injustice that has meant we are finally listening as a species to the BLM movement – that they had to demonstrate in a pandemic to make the world wake up to something truly horrific.

But I hadn’t cried about me. Until October.

And then I hit the 6-month wall.

So today I’m taking the lid off how we are all feeling about the pandemic as we are now more than 7 months into something that is here with us for a good long time to come. I’m sharing with you what you need to be doing for yourself, and for your team as a leader. And I’m sharing a whole lot of love in your direction too.

So if you are hitting a pandemic wall this one’s for you, my love. Because yes, you may well be a leader in tech.  But you are also a human experiencing a crisis. And remember: you are a human, even at work!

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