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What to do when your boss and colleagues aren’t listening

Ever feel constantly talked over at work?
Does your boss finish your sentences (and not in a good way)?
Or maybe your colleagues just never let you finish and instead say exactly what you were going to say and get the credit?
Not being listened to, being talked over and not getting the chance to finish our thoughts is at best frustrating, but can also mean you don’t get the chance to demonstrate your value. If you are feeling this way, then read on for tips to manage your boss being over-talkative.

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Strategies for managing up

Ever felt like your boss is the one stunting your professional growth? That you are held back because they don’t listen or don’t recognise your contributions? Maybe you’ve recently had a performance review that you felt just didn’t demonstrate your worth.

Even if you like your boss as a person, if you feel like they just don’t give you what you need professionally, then it is time to start actively managing them.

Yes, managing-up really is a thing, and it is one the most important things for accelerating your career, whatever stage you are at. Even entrepreneurs need to manage up to their board and investors.

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Leading strategically to sustain your team

Ever thought about your ability to anticipate as a strategic leadershp skill? Well believe it or not great leadershp isn’t just about clarity, communication, trust, recognition and the ability to get a team to deliver on a product or outcome (although that is what I often focus on – those ‘real skills’ not ‘soft skills’ 😉). Great leadership is also about foresight, prediction and anticipation, trust, empathy and empowerment. And right now, being strategic in your leadership is more important than ever. So if you are ready to uplevel and lead here are the most important strategic leadership skills you need in your leadership toolkit.

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The four components for great strategy to up-level your work and business

Strategy, strategy, strategy…. We’ve all been told that to look good we need to be strategic. We need to have strategic activities in our list of performance criteria, metrics and goals. We have to-do lists that are ‘strategic’. But are we really being strategic?
All too often people misuse the word ‘strategy’. It is used to define a metric, or a goal, or even a set of tactics. What sets apart the high performers (whether we are talking individuals or business high performers) is a clear understanding of what strategy really is. So in this post I’m taking apart strategy, removing the mystery and showing you what a great strategy really looks like. If you want to uplevel your game, this is what you need.

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Understanding and handling bias in tech

Bias, explicit and implicit, is around us all day, every day. It is part of the human condition. But just because it is always there, always present and inherent in who we are, doesn’t mean it should just be accepted and ignored. Understanding how to tackle the bias that we personally experience, bias towards others that we observe and our own biases, makes us stronger, better leaders, producing better outcomes and outputs, and building stronger teams.

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Resilient leadership

Personal resilience always has been and always will be an essential leadership skill. Resilience provides us with the calm, clarity and time to make sensible, calm decisions. Resilience means we can project calm and clarity to those around us. And our personal resilience can help us push through the darkest times in our lives and business. But what about when the entire world is facing a crisis, lacking confidence and everyone is anxious. This has been a growing reality for a number of years, but in the wake of COVID-19 resilience on a massive scale is being tested more than ever. What can you do to boost your resilience and be the leader that helps their team (and loved ones) feel more resilient too? Read on…

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Crisis management for busy leaders

Crisis management is a phrase mostly used by senior management in billion-dollar businesses or by governments. In an age of a growing number of crises that cost more and are more frequent, learning how each of us can respond to a specific situation can be good investment in your management and leadership skills.
Figuring out where to start is often the biggest hurdle: what crisis to plan for, what to do, and actually how to respond if you are in a crisis situation right now.

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Making the transition to working at home

In the 21st Century, many jobs can be done from anywhere in the world. There are a growing number of entrepreneurs who set up such that they can be fully mobile and explore the world. And in the internet age, there is no reason not to. However, there are many bosses who are reluctant to let employees work from home, and there are many employees who like the idea of working from home, but then struggle to navigate the politics of remote work. So how do you work remote, effectively, stay in touch, do great work and network, while sitting on your own hundreds or thousands of miles from your co-workers? Read on for your guide to transitioning to working remote, whether you are a boss or an employee.

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Managing your impostor feelings

If you are reading this, you probably know you have impostor syndrome at least some of the time. But what do we do next? Just knowing that impostor syndrome is a thing can help, but that doesn’t necessarily make it all go away. It’s like people telling you now to worry: that’s great and all, but kind of unhelpful. Well once you know more about your impostor inner-critic, here are some top tips on how to control how it makes you feel.

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Is impostor syndrome holding you back?

Many of us have heard of impostor syndrome: that self-doubt followed by the inner critic that tells us we shouldn’t be here. But all too often it is hard to notice in ourselves when impostor syndrome is the thing holding us back. Even if we know we have experienced impostor syndrome in the past, or are currently experiencing it in one aspect of our lives, it is often difficult to figure out where else it is holding us back. Loved ones, friends, colleagues and coaches can help us with this, but sometimes they don’t know either. Read on to find out some top tips for recognising impostor syndrome in new areas of your life.

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