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Thursday, August 27th, 4pm UK/11am ET/8am PT
Free Leveraging LinkedIn Masterclass

The easy way to network your way to a new job
(even if you hate networking and find reaching out to people extremely icky!)

In this free LinkedIn masterclass you will uncover…

    That are holding you back from kicking your career into SuperDrive with linkedIn.
    Spoiler alert: Some of the things I’m sharing here goes against everything the job hunt “experts” will tell you.
    Here’s the thing: 65-95% of jobs aren’t advertised. AND 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary source of talent. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, or it is not active/is out of date, you are missing out on the primary way that people get jobs! 80% of hires are because of referrals and recruiters, NOT cold job applications. In this masterclass, I’m showing you 3 simple ways to quickly up-level your LinkedIn presence to generate more interest and start getting noticed.
    This is the most crucial part of your profile, and yet the thing that gets most neglected. Your headline is the number one way to stand out from the noise, and I am letting you in my simple strategy for a powerful headline that gets you noticed.

You can't
miss this if...

You want to use LinkedIn to get a new opportunity because you’ve heard its the thing to do, but you have no idea where to start other than connecting with people. ...And you've been procrastinating it *forever* because you're scared you'll do it wrong.

You are scared to reach out to strangers … Not a people person? Feel like you are the only introvert on LinkedIn? Hate cold emails? That's 100% okay. I've designed this masterclass for people just like you, because you don't need to be an extrovert and totally chill about speaking to strangers about your life’s history to get that job.

You’re terrified of wasting time on something that won’t work You're busy. You can't afford to waste time building another social profile and online presence that isn’t going to turn into a job and $$$!. In this masterclass, I'll show you how to make your profile stand out, get connected (while feeling good about it!) and learning how to stand out from the 75% of job seekers who are doing things the wrong way!

Learn how to leverage LinkedIn

Ready to Thrive?

Are you ready to thrive, not just survive?

Want to earn more?

Would you like to be earning more money but don’t feel able to go for a new job (or point out that you have job offers lined up to your current boss)?


Are you frustrated at your current job but feel trapped because you don’t have time to be getting a new job?

Leveraging LinkedIn is your solution! It is time to drop the old job seeking habits that only produce a 2% success rate in getting a new job, and join the small minority doing job hunting the RIGHT WAY through Leveraging your LinkedIn network to get 80% of jobs. Yes REALLY!


Toni Collis


Hi! I’m Toni!

As a tech lover, introvert and business owner.

I get how hard it is to thrive in Tech. I’ve worked with over 50 women on their careers, developing confidence, leadership skills, public speaking and strategy for successful careers and developing thriving business’. I’ve worked in business and academia, consulted for startups and worked in the C-Suite, and I’ve built a charity with an international audience in over 60 countries. 

On the road, I’ve learnt how to do things that skip the queue. And I want that for you too. 

Join me in this jam-packed 60-minute masterclass and I promise to share the exact strategies I used and now use with my clients to rocket-fuel careers. 

My mission is to empower more women to thrive in tech and create the next generation of women tech leaders that are in a job they love, where the overwhelm melts away, challenges become opportunities and the workplace is a place to thrive.

See you in the Masterclass

Toni x

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