For Women in Tech

A workshop for women who are ready to get unstuck, create careers that are lucrative, satisfying,
& break through the glass ceiling


Are you struggling to...

  • Get noticed, get heard and navigate the politics of the senior leadership? Whether it’s being too nice (so no one has an honest conversation) or being told you are too confrontational. Or maybe, whatever you say, you just don’t get your game-changing ideas heard?
  • Stop the cycle of perfectionism, self-doubt, people-pleasing and overwhelm.
  • Get an ever-increasing workload under control, let alone spend time considering what you need to do to take the next step in your career?
  • Breakthrough the glass ceiling that you’ve been stuck under for far too long?


If you are a dreamer with no shortage of ambition, but you’re tired of doing-all-the-things, and yet not getting the recognition and influence you deserve. Then this masterclass is for you.

If you’re ready to build a massive impact, influence the future of the tech industry, get the recognition you deserve, and build a high performing team. Then this masterclass is for you.


During this masterclass you’ll learn my 3-pillar system for getting traction, getting noticed, and NOT working all the hours.

If you keep creating stellar results and outcomes, but you aren’t getting recognised, so you keep peddling faster on the treadmill, you won’t want to miss this. You’ll learn my tried and tested approach to unlocking your next opportunity and creating a bigger impact, getting you on the fast-track to that seat at the C-level table.

You’ll learn about the common traps I see all of my 1:1 clients fall into at some point that slows down our career progression.

This is a must attend if...

The #1 reason you haven’t actively worked on building the case for your new job or promotion is that you simply don’t know where to start (you’ll walk away from this training with a game plan and total clarity)

You’ve been doing all-the-things but every step seems like a constant battle and you are just done with having to justify every decision you make and every idea you have.

You’re finding it hard to figure out why others are getting opportunities and you aren’t (must be the old boys network, right)?

You like the idea of being in the C-Suite, or having a seat at the Executive Table, but don’t feel like it is realistic, as you are already busy and overwhelmed.

You’re feeling STUCK in your career. You know you can have more impact, but you just don’t know what the roadmap is from here to there.

Want to know more about your host, Toni Collis?

Dr Toni Collis is the CEO of Collis-Holmes Innovations, a Strategic Innovation Leader, Trainer, Consultant and Leadership Coach.

Toni’s career has, from day one, had a single passion: facilitating the use of technology, for the advancement of the human race. As an award winning leader, Toni realised that the biggest impact is when she can help women accelerate their careers so that even more people can use and benefit from technology through the innovations that women make in the tech industry.

Early on in her career, Toni realised that knowledge was not the only barrier to the uptake of technology. Toni was working in the supercomputing industry and using parallel computing: one of the most important tools that drives human discovery and innovation. From designing future power sources, building a future that alleviates the carbon crisis, to tackling some of the biggest medical questions the human race faces (including COVID-19), parallel computing and the use of supercomputers are behind all of it. And yet, far too often women aren’t involved in the discussion, discovery and innovation. The result: solutions, tools and outcomes that don’t work for a very large portion of the human race.

“The world desperately needs great leadership. And it needs great leadership now more than ever. It needs people who are principled. People who will listen. People who have different ideas. People that can influence, for all the right reasons. And yes, people that when faced with new information will be prepared to update their decisions, their principles and even their red lines.”

Toni’s passion for building diverse teams that build better outcomes culminated in her founding and leading Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC). What started off as a small local group of like- minded women in Scotland went global within 1 year. As part of her work Toni developed and led innovations aiming to diversify the HPC workforce, providing HPC tutorials for women around the world, training and consultancy on building inclusive workforces for the many businesses that provide HPC tools and solutions, AND to the organisations that have women that should be able to use these tools. And Toni pioneered research into how to improve the representation of women in HPC with her colleagues in WHPC.

During her time running WHPC, Toni was recognised as an award winning International leader in the Supercomputing industry. But something was missing. Toni was having immense success with WHPC, was regularly asked to discuss her work in both diversifying the HPC workforce, and also as a technical expert in Supercomputing. And yet, she felt her career wasn’t going anyway. Toni felt comfortable standing on stage advocating for women, demonstrating how to change the face of HPC, and yet, she wasn’t advocating for herself. It was easier to fight for others than it was for herself at times! But a fire was lit when she was told “You’ll never get promoted”.

Twelve months after hearing those words Toni landed her first corporate executive role as Chief Business Development Officer at Appentra Solutions.

Toni’s journey showed her that it isn’t as simple as tackling the implicit and explicit biases that women face in the workplace. For women to really thrive, and get a seat at the table, we need to be tackling the issues that women have faced their entire lives. The conditioning that means we often seek external validation. The source of women needing to be perfect at

everything to go for a role that they are over-qualified for. This is the unspoken part of the glass ceiling that allows women to step up into their own true selves and allow their work to truly change the world. This isn’t about making women more like men (something we really don’t need more of!): instead Toni is on a mission to allow women to be their own best selves, and advocate for who they are, without the baggage of years of cultural conditioning.


In early 2019, Toni focused on her passion for helping women in the broader tech industry push through the glass ceiling and now offers Strategy, Coaching, Training and Consultancy for Women Leaders and their allies, with a personal goal of assisting 2000 women into leadership in tech in the next 5 years.

Toni is also host of the Leading Women in Tech Podcast discussing all things tech leadership and accelerating our influence to break through the glass ceiling in tech.

A letter from Toni...
"Levelling the gender gap in tech has never been more important. But this shouldn't be done at the expense of women's mental health.

The night I realised that I didn’t want my husband to go back to work in the morning because of COVID, I remember a feeling of intense dread. I’d been reading about COVID for sometime, and I reached a point (weeks before others did, because I’m the kind of person who goes and reads the literature before the politicians and news outlets do!), where I knew the world was going to change. And I knew it would be a permanent change.

I was dreading the suffering that was ahead, the uncertainty, and the pain that people were going to experience from losses of jobs, income and loved ones. 

But I also knew that this was an opportunity. The one sector that could get us through this was technology. Technology to work remotely. Technology to enable us to operate as a species with social distancing. Technology to enable us to shop, live, exist, entertain and so much more… while online. 

And it was also a great opportunity for us to level the gender playing field. As families worked from home, home-schooled, and lived everything together, altogether, this was the chance to show the unpaid work that women were doing. And at the same time, it was the chance to demonstrate the value of great leadership. No more could a manager rely on an office walkaround to figure out how the team was doing. Avoiding mass burnout would require understanding your team, not just managing them. 

If we got rid of the bad managers, we wouldn’t just have happier staff, we’d have better tech. 

As the days, weeks and months of the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded I witnessed many of my 1:1 clients have huge successes – they stood out from the noise. They were thriving. Did they have bad times? Yes! And so did I. We all had our wobbles in 2020. But they were now showing their teams what was possible when you led the right way. 

But at the same time my heart broke for the people who were losing their jobs and hustling to find solutions and fast.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that great leadership is needed more than ever.  

Progress has been slower than I would have liked (I still remain a steadfast optimist though). But there has truly never been a better time to demonstrate great leadership and help the people around you who are desperately seeking stability, motivation, solutions and empathy that YOU have so that together you can all change the world.

But now is the time for us to truly step up. We need more women at the table. URGENTLY. Diverse teams create better solutions. Gone are the days when it was acceptable for a group of 100% white men to decide a medical device for women’s health. But sadly, far too much of the tech industry still has majority male leadership.

And the road to the Executive Team is far from fair.

I’m on a mission to change that. 

To give women the skills they need to level that playing field. 

To step up. 

And once there, lead the way the world desperately needs the tech industry to lead.

But all of that can only happen if we also choose to lead without sacrificing our personal life, family, health and happiness along the way. 

And that’s what I want for you. I believe women can have it all. But the problem isn’t solved by that perfect ‘work/life balance’. The road is far far more complex. And I want to show you how to get there.

There is room for you at the table my friend, so what are you waiting for? Slide on in and commit to creating a thriving leadership career that has you excited about Monday mornings, and able to choose from multiple offers every time you are ready for a new challenge, all while getting off the 70hrs+/week struggle bus that isn’t actually serving you or your organisation (even though it feels like it is).

I can’t wait to meet you and cheer you!

ALL my best,

Toni xx