Executive Presence: Power-Glide Through the Leadership Glass Ceiling


Are you finding your career progression has stalled, and you can’t figure out why.

No one’s giving you a straight answer on what’s holding you back — the excuses are varied and inconsistent at best.

Or my personal favourite — ever been told ‘you need to work on your executive presence‘?

I’m often asked questions such as:

Why didn’t I get that job? When I’m not plagued by self-doubt, I know I’m better qualified than the competition!’

‘I cannot believe I’ve been passed over for promotion again! And it went to X instead! What went wrong?

In almost every case, leadership presence, also referred to as ‘executive presence’ is what is really holding you back. 

But no one is going to tell you that, primarily because it is hard to explain what is meant by ‘presence’ — it’s just very clear when it is missing!

The good news is that you can do something about this. And that is why I’ve put together this amazing training on building your credibility through executive presence, so you can power-glide your way up the career ladder and blast through that glass ceiling. 

Here's what you get inside the complete guide to executive presence:

  • Learn how to demonstrate your innate authority (even if you feel like you don’t have any), so people take you more seriously and you get more done as a result.  
  • Learn about the 6 components of executive presence that you need to hone and refine starting today
  • Learn how others see you so that you can figure out where you need to spend your valuable time for the greatest impact. 
  • How to earn a reputation for ‘getting things done’ without actually changing anything about how quickly you deliver (yes there is a skill to getting the reputation as a problem solver). 
  • The Authenticity Code: create the best authentic version of you. Executive Presence and leadership rely on authenticity, but what does this mean? How do you show up authentically but now overshare? How do you provide authentic leadership but still assert your authority? 

Plus this incredible bonus

  • The leader’s confidence toolkit: Learn what it takes to show up with genuine confidence which helps you demonstrate authority ever day.