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The podcast that helps women in tech accelerate their influence, step into their dream leadership career and break through the glass ceiling.

051: A People-First Approach to Team Leadership with Jordan Danger Stalker

Are you approaching your leadership with “people-first” in mind? What does that even look like?

Let’s talk about how you can use transparency, a healthy work-life balance, and a people-first approach to reach your team goals!

In today’s episode, I invite Jordan Danger Stalker, founder of Danger Co. and master of brand development and consumer behavior, to share her insights on leading a team with a people-first approach and how to use these strategies to cultivate a powerful and impactful team culture and business.

Ready to put your people first and uplevel your tech leadership?

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050: How to Think Like a Leader Instead of Just Another Employee

Did you know that mindset is the #1 barrier between you and your dream role?

Let’s talk about the mindset shifts you need to think like an executive so you get taken more seriously at work!

In today’s episode, I share TEN simple shifts you can make in how you think as an employee that will help you uplevel your career and move you toward a leadership position (and excel at it when you get there!)

Ready to take action on these 10 shifts and bust the barrier between you and success?

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049: The Difference Great Leadership Makes with Natalie Barron

What really happens when women show up powerfully and authentically in the workplace?

Let’s talk about how you could be showing up differently in your career so you can elevate your leadership!

In today’s episode, I talk to one of my business besties, fellow leadership and executive coach, and co-founder of Women Leading Powerfully, Natalie Barron, about what it takes to elevate women in leadership, the tools you need to accelerate your career, and why women in collaboration can do so much good in the world.

Ready to uplevel your executive presence or confidently step into your next role?

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048: How to Choose the Right Coach for You and Your Career

So, you’ve decided to get a coach (yay!) or you have been thinking about it for a while – but are not sure what’s next. How do you identify the right coach for you? And how do you avoid wasting too much time getting to that person?

Let’s talk about what it takes to choose the RIGHT coach!

In today’s episode, I give you my TOP TIPS for landing a great coach so you can take your life and career to the next level!

Ready for your shortcut to finding a great coach?

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047: Launching a Business and Pivoting into Tech while Starting a Family with Jenn Hunter

Are you thinking about pivoting your career? Or maybe you’re expanding your family and need some tips to maintain balance while still standing out as the amazing tech leader that you are?

Let’s talk about how my guest launched a business and pivoted into tech – all while starting a family!

In today’s episode, I have an inspiring conversation with Jenn Hunter, COO of PayShepherd, self proclaimed nerd, and mom (of two under two!) about her entrepreneurial journey. We discuss how she balances motherhood and business, the challenges around adopting technology and instigating change in the construction industry, and some helpful insights on how to uplevel your leadership in a male-dominated industry.

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046: Preparing for Management Interviews

How do you prepare for a management interview? If you are embarking on this journey, I know it can be daunting – but don’t worry, I’ve got you!

Let’s talk about preparing for management interviews.

In today’s episode, I go over the KEY preparations you need to ace your next leadership interview and some of my favorite advice to help you stand out and shine!

Ready to take that next step and get a more rewarding job (and hopefully a salary raise to go along with it?)

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045: Using DiSC: A Simple to Understand Tool That Can Assist You in Your Leadership with Olivia Carter

Are you looking for a simple way to uplevel your leadership? Maybe you’re searching for new ways to empower and motivate your team?

Let’s talk about how using DiSC – a personality profiling tool – can help you become a better leader!

In today’s episode, I invite Olivia Carter, leadership coach and DiSC personality profiling expert, to talk about how you can use DiSC to help maximize your strengths and identify effective ways to drive and inspire your team.

Ready to identify and enhance your leadership style – and become a better leader?

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044: The High Cost of Failing to Negotiate at Work

If you’re not willing to negotiate, what does that say about you as a leader? Just because you landed the offer doesn’t mean you are done selling yourself.

Let’s talk about getting comfortable with negotiating at work!

In today’s episode, I discuss the cost of failing to negotiate in your career and ways to uplevel your negotiation skills at work so you can build trust, improve relationships, and sell yourself as the standout leader you are.

Ready to set the tone at work by learning to negotiate?

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043: Working in a male dominated industry: Frustrated by blindness, blindspots and the inability to acknowledge the diversity problem with Terry McDougall

Is it possible to find success and be happy at the same time? As high-achieving women in tech, there are a lot of extra hurdles to finding success, but if we aren’t finding satisfaction along the way – we are missing the point!

In today’s episode, I invite executive, career coach, and author, Terry B. McDougall, to talk all about finding success AND happiness as a high-achieving woman in a male-dominated industry. We discuss some of the major things that could be holding you back from true success and how to break through that glass ceiling by tapping into your own unique and authentic leadership.

Ready to get more thoughtful and strategic about the moves that you’re making in your career?

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042: 5 Tips to Ensuring You Get Noticed Next Time You Want To Be Noticed

Frustrated at being passed over for another promotion? Applying for jobs and not getting the right traction?

Let’s talk about what you could have been doing all along to get noticed at work and what you can do NOW to make sure you are noticed when the next opportunity comes!

In today’s episode, I share the 5 MOST IMPORTANT things you need to be doing right now (and really, all the time!) to get noticed in the workplace so you can get the new job title, pay raise, or promotion that you deserve!

Ready to start getting noticed for the standout leader that you are?

Let’s go to the show!

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