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The podcast that helps women in tech accelerate their influence, step into their dream leadership career and break through the glass ceiling.

042: 5 Tips to Ensuring You Get Noticed Next Time You Want To Be Noticed

Frustrated at being passed over for another promotion? Applying for jobs and not getting the right traction?

Let’s talk about what you could have been doing all along to get noticed at work and what you can do NOW to make sure you are noticed when the next opportunity comes!

In today’s episode, I share the 5 MOST IMPORTANT things you need to be doing right now (and really, all the time!) to get noticed in the workplace so you can get the new job title, pay raise, or promotion that you deserve!

Ready to start getting noticed for the standout leader that you are?

Let’s go to the show!

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041: The Mindset of Stepping up to the Executive Team with Jossie Haines

Want to take that next step in your career and step into an executive role? Maybe you feel burnt out or stuck where you are and need a shift to get you moving in the right direction?

Let’s talk about what it takes to step into your dream role!

In today’s episode, I talk with award winning leader and champion for women in tech, Jossie Haines. We discuss how she shows up in the industry – her role as V.P of Software Engineering at Tile and her mission to keep women and underrepresented minorities in tech – and the mindset shifts that you need to step up to the executive team (or any leadership role that you want!)

Ready to shift your mindset and get a seat at the table?

Let’s go to the show!

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040: My Journey To The C-Suite

Wondering what your path to the c-suite could look like? Need some guidance on upleveling your career, leadership, and executive presence?

Let’s talk about my journey to the c-suite – what drove me and how I got there (and what you can do to get there too)!

In today’s episode, I give you a behind the scenes peek at what it took to land my first executive role (wrote the description for the job myself!) and the major lessons I learned along the way so you can use these same tools to ditch the self-doubt and become the standout leader you were born to be!

Ready to become a better leader and elevate your career?

Let’s go to the show!

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039: Leveraging Your Personal Brand to Elevate Your Career and Business with Ewa Pietreniuk

Do you have a clear and unique online presence? Is it possible that you’re leaving opportunities on the table by not leveraging your personal brand?

Let’s talk about how you can start using your personal brand TODAY, to elevate your career and business!

In today’s episode, I talk to personal brand communication specialist, Ewa Pietreniuk, about all things personal branding – how to build your brand authentically and professionally, what could be holding you back from creating a strong online presence, and the specific skills and behaviours you can use to uplevel your branding and career!

Ready to embrace your authentic self, show her to the world, and accelerate your career and opportunities?

Let’s go to the show!

We dive into:
What a personal brand really is and what it can do for your career and business!
The evolution of personal branding and why it is a NECESSITY if you don’t want to fall behind in your career
What you need to know about communicating your brand online (and why this is SO important!)
The BIGGEST fear Ewa sees come up with clients around personal branding (and how to overcome it!)
One of the BIGGEST things that could be holding you back from career success
How to create a personal brand that is BOTH authentic and professional (and a simple place to start!)
A special discount Ewa is offering my listeners to help you leverage your personal brand and control your online presence!
And more!

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Boosting your public speaking skills for the online world

Public Speaking is one of the most challenging, and often most avoided methods for up-levelling your leadership, and yet the most powerful.

We’ve all come across amazing speakers who inspired us to take action. Just look at some of the best TED talks on the internet for long enough and you find yourself wanting to try something you never dreamed of before! This is the power of public speaking. And yet, for many of us, it is something we hate to do. We know it can boost our careers, but is it a necessary part of the toolkit? Is there a way to avoid it?

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How to uplevel your remote networking (and why should already be doing it!)

The further you go in your career the more you will realise the power of your network. Your network opens doors for you, makes sure you are advocated for when you aren’t in the room, suggests you as someone who might be useful in a particular situation and connects you with others. Your network can also create jobs and opportunities for you. But right now, traditional networking has ground to a halt. There are no more networking parties and social events where we ‘chat’ about our future (often awkwardly) while juggling a glass of wine and canapés! There are no more conferences where we hang out at the buffet table or walk up to a poster author to chat about them with the poster content as an excuse for the conversation. What can you do about that?

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How your online profile can help shape your career and leadership options

Whether we like it or not, our online presence is often the first thing people look to when they want to get to know you. Gone are the days of really figuring somebody out just over a coffee. Before you even meet people for the first time, these days they will do an online search and make a decision about who you are before they even answer an email. So what does your online presence say about you? Is it saying what you need it to say? Does it actively work for you or hold you back?

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