024: 6 Ways to Re-Position After Being Told You Aren’t Ready For A Promotion

When was the last time you were told you weren’t going to get that next opportunity or promotion because you didn’t have the right Executive Presence, the gravitas or the networking capabilities?

Maybe you’ve been told to work on your office politics?

Or maybe you’ve been told you need to get experience of direct reports, but that’s exactly why you want the role you are asking for.

Maybe in an interview you’ve been told you don’t have the right experience, even though the experience they are asking for is in your resume, just from two jobs ago.

What’s going on? Why aren’t these people seeing you as the superstar candidate you know are? (And side-note: while doing that, your impostor syndrome is flaring up sky-high, alongside a whole load of anger and annoyance!)

Why are they holding you back?

Let’s dig into the 6 things you can do to re-position yourself to overcome these positioning obstacles without having to go out and get another job you don’t really want, or spend a year getting a certificate that probably won’t fix the problem.

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