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033: What it Means to Build a Remote-Friendly Team (and the common mistakes to avoid)

How has the move to working remotely affected you and your team? Are you dealing with problems like less productivity or too many meetings? 

It’s time to have a real, hard look at what the next step might be and if you and your team could thrive better under a different remote environment.

In today’s episode, I go over what it really means to build a remote-friendly team and how to cultivate a healthy culture of productivity and success while empowering your team as they work from home. 

Ready to uplevel your leadership and start thriving in a remote-friendly environment?

I dive into:

  • The MOST IMPORTANT differences between a remote-allowed and a remote-friendly work environment
  • How to know if you have built or are working in a remote-friendly environment (and how to turn it around if you aren’t!)
  • Why the amount of formal meetings has increased during Covid (and why this isn’t always the best approach)
  • How to create tools and processes that actually promote a remote-friendly culture
  • A mindset shift you need to make as a leader if you have ANY team members working remotely
  • And more!

Show Notes

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