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The podcast that helps women in tech accelerate their influence, step into their dream leadership career and break through the glass ceiling.

099: Embracing Your Career with Sinead Sharkey Steenson

Are you in your dream role, or have you settled for something else?
Are you simply powering through the week instead of enjoying your career?

Let’s talk about what the next level looks like for you – because some of the biggest steps in your career happen when you transition!

In today’s episode, I invite The Career Elevator, Sinead Sharkey Steenson, to talk to us all about embracing your career, the strategies and tools to help you achieve more as a female leader in the workplace, and why you should STOP settling in your career.

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098: The Leadership Skills You Need as an Individual Contributor

It’s pretty common that when we think about leadership we think about a managerial job title or a prestigious position. But if you’ve been around here long enough, you know that leadership isn’t about the title – it’s about the influence!

Let’s talk about the leadership skills you need as an individual contributor to really make an impact.

In today’s episode, I’m diving into the importance of leadership at the individual contributor (IC) level and how to foster great leadership for yourself (and the ICs that work for you) to achieve bigger impact and elevate both you and your organization.

Ready to learn what it takes to lead as an individual contributor?

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097: How to Accelerate Your Career (in the right way) with Sonja Price

Are you underestimating how quickly you can make progress in your career?

How about salary – are you prepared to negotiate your next salary bump? (because you deserve it, my love!)

Let’s talk about the action steps you can take to accelerate your career – in the right way.

In today’s episode, I invite career salary and leadership advisor, Sonja Price, to share some powerful insights on salary negotiations and a formula for career acceleration. We dive into the practical steps you can take TODAY – to uplevel your career and salary.

Ready to lean into that next big career move or salary adjustment?

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096: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

If you were comfortable with the actions needed to reach your goals – you would take them, right?

But I’m going to take a guess and say that discomfort – or fear of discomfort – is holding you back from taking action (because it does for most of us)!

So, imagine if you could actually get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you could move through discomfort and into action without spiraling into overwhelm – what would be possible for you then?

In today’s episode, I’m diving into discomfort, how it could be holding you back from being a truly amazing leader and reaching your goals, and the 4-step process to getting through the worry and into action instead.

Ready to get comfortable with being uncomfortable?

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095: Elevating Tech Leaders with Micha Goebig

I have a real treat for you today because you’re going to be hearing from, not one, but TWO leadership coaches for women in tech – your leadership bestie (me!) and my extraordinary guest.

In today’s episode, I invite speaker, published author, and fellow coach, Micha Goebig, to discuss her passion for helping tech leaders take their careers to the next level, some of her powerful networking tips, and the real & practical things you can be doing in these times of transition to better your career and leadership.

Ready to hear what two like-minded women supporting others in tech have to say about elevating your leadership?

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094: The 5 Most Important Leadership Attributes of 2022

There are leaders who are flourishing right now (yes, even in these uncertain times)!
But what is it that is setting them apart? What are they focusing on that is driving their organizations forward?

Let’s talk about how to set your leadership apart with the FIVE essentials to being an extraordinary leader in 2022!

In today’s episode, I am breaking down the 5 MOST IMPORTANT leadership attributes of 2022 and why NOW is the time to cultivate them for yourself!

Ready for the keys to extraordinary leadership in 2022?

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093: The Importance of Developing Resilience as a Tech Leader with Stephanie G

If you are a high achieving leader – a focus on resilience and wellness is essential!

So, let’s talk about how to build more resilience and wellness in your life and career so you can live with more intention and start seeing your tech career flourish!

In today’s episode, I invite Stephanie G, tech senior director, executive leadership coach & mindfulness incubator contributor, to talk to us all about the resilience and wellness side of rising to senior leadership.

Ready to learn the wellness and resiliency tools you need to elevate your career?

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089: The Relationship Between Planning, Your Inner Critic and Being a High-Performance Leader with Moira Lethbridge

If you’re a senior leader – you are there to solve the big problems, drive the business forward, and unlock your business or organization’s potential. But if you are stuck all day on Slack, answering emails, or on other mundane daily tasks – you might need to take a different approach to your professional life, my love.

Let’s talk about the relationship between planning, your inner critic, and being a high-performance leader – and how to take more aligned action toward your professional (and personal) goals!

In today’s episode, I invite my business bestie & executive coach, Moira Lethbridge back on the show to chat all about extraordinary high-performance leadership and women. We discuss what it takes to be a high-performing leader (and what could be holding you back) and the ways to get more action-oriented so you can build the career of your dreams!

Ready for the practical, actionable steps you need to take your leadership to the next level?

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088: How to Do Hard Things

Why is it so hard to do HARD things?

Let’s talk about the tools you need to get into daily action toward the hard things and truly uplevel your career!

In today’s episode, I am giving you the 7 steps you need to unlock yourself from the mediocrity cycle and move towards growth in your tech career. Because moving away from the easy to focusing on the hard, longer-term goals is the key to unlocking your potential, my love!

Ready to do the hard things and uplevel?

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087: Is Leadership Something I Can Learn?

What if great leadership was simply a set of behaviors and attitudes that you could learn? How could this mindset change your leadership journey?

Let’s talk about what it really takes to bring your leadership to the next level!

In today’s episode, I invite the fabulous Darja Gutnik, co-founder and Product Manager of Bunch, to share her courageous career journey and passion for leadership. We discuss the most important factors to becoming an amazing leader – and our insights on how to get you there!

Ready for the leadership tools you need to uplevel?

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