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118: The Upside of Being the Only Woman in the Room

We’re back for the third and final part of our special 3-part series on being the only woman in the room!

Did you know you can actually enjoy being the only woman in the room? (I know this can be triggering because this is NOT the ideal scenario, but there are some silver linings!)

In today’s episode, Micha and I dive into the opportunities that come with being the only woman in the room and how you can shift your thinking around this to start approaching your career as a woman in tech with more optimism.

Ready to get inspired and leverage some of the opportunities available to you, my love?

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117: Being the Only Woman in the Room: Executive Leadership Discussion

We’re back for part 2 of our special 3-part series on being the only woman in the room!

Because, yes – being the only woman in the room can be tough.

BUT it can also get better!

This week, Micha and I invite a panel of four extraordinary women in tech to join us for an executive leadership discussion. We dive deeper into this important issue and discuss the benefits and opportunities of “being the only woman”, some of our BEST tips and advice for excelling as women in tech, and a quickfire question round to give you some powerful insights you can use to uplevel your leadership and career.

Ready for things to get better? (It is SO possible, my love.)

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116: The Problem With Being the Only Woman in the Room

Truth is, it’s tough being the only woman in the room.

We have to overcome some unique challenges to elevate our careers –

Being seen and not heard
Doing more than our male peers
Sexism & microaggressions
Lack of role models

But don’t worry too much, my love. Because my guest, Micha Goebig, and I are here to help with our 3-part series on being the only woman in the room!

Today for part 1, we are diving into the problem with being the only woman in the room. We’re sharing the FOUR blocks that could be keeping you from enjoying and excelling in your leadership career (and what to do about them!) because we know it can feel lonely and frustrating – but you do NOT need to apologize for feeling that way. We are with you, and we have some tips!

Ready for the tools you need to excel as the only woman in the room?

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114: Is FOOMO Holding You Back?

FOOMO – no, it’s not a typo and yes, it’s a thing!

Let’s talk about if FOOMO is holding you back in your life and career.

In today’s episode, I’m diving into FOOMO – the ways it can be a damaging, yet prevalent issue to your thinking as a leader, and how to release yourself from it so you can stop holding yourself back from true progress in your career.

Ready to stop FOOMO in its tracks and get the attention you deserve in your career?

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113: Being a Recovering Perfectionist as a Senior Tech Leader with Jennifer Moll

There is more than one path to senior leadership in the tech industry and (just a quick reminder, my love) you don’t have to be perfect to get there.

Let’s talk about the non-traditional route to executive leadership – and doing it all while overcoming perfectionism!

In today’s episode, I invite the VP of Strategy at Axio, Jennifer Moll, to discuss her non-traditional journey to her current role in tech and how she has developed a healthier version of what perfection means to her.

Ready to learn how to prioritize progress over perfection and uplevel your career?

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112: If You Don’t Openly Celebrate Your Achievements, Who Will?

Here’s the thing about recognition, my love.

If you’re not openly sharing about the amazing work you’re doing or the impact you’re making, it’s likely that you won’t be recognized for it by others. This means that even if you’re doing amazing work (which you are!), it may go unnoticed because you aren’t celebrating yourself.

So, how do you get out of the cycle of downplaying yourself and not speaking up?

In today’s episode, I’m diving into openly celebrating our achievements and getting our much-deserved recognition at work. I discuss the consequences of not celebrating yourself in your career and some helpful tools to break the cycle and start owning your abilities.

Ready to celebrate how amazing you are?

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111: Realizing You Have More Choice Than You Think in Your Career

Does a toxic work environment have you questioning your career? Have a racist or sexist boss? Do you want to do something about it, but not sure where to start?

I wish there weren’t a need to tackle this, my love! But it’s so important as women in tech that we know how to protect ourselves.

Let’s talk about access to legal services in your career and what you need to know about your workplace rights.

In today’s episode, I invite my friend, Danae Shell, co-founder and CEO of Valla, to share her nuggets of wisdom on sorting workplace issues (even if you don’t have money for a lawyer!) and how to understand your own rights so you can have more choice in your career.

Ready to feel empowered to tackle any workplace issue?

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107: Being a Great Communicator

Want to know a little secret?

Great speakers are made, not born.

And that means you can actually improve your communication (and future-proof your career!) with some of the amazing tools my guest shares in today’s episode.

I invite extraordinary voice coach, Emma Wainer, to talk to us all about why your voice at work is so important, and her TOP TIPS for improving your communication.

Ready to start using your voice at work to uplevel your team, organization & career?

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103: Embracing Failure with Asia Bribiesca-Hedin Copy

We think if we don’t try – we can avoid failure.

But that just means we miss the opportunity to learn and succeed. And that is still failing, my love – it’s just failing the wrong way!

Let’s talk about how to embrace failure so you can fail the right way – and reach your career goals in the process!

In today’s episode, I invite Asia Bribiesca-Hedin, founder and CEO of development and executive coaching firm Bridgewell Professional Services, to dig into failure with us and explore why failure isn’t actually a bad thing at all.

Ready to start failing… the right way?

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102: Why You Need to Stop Acquiescing in Your Career

Sometimes it just feels better to give in and acquiesce in our careers. But this can play out in a variety of ways (most of them negative!) and I can guarantee it’s holding you back.

Let’s talk about why we acquiesce in our careers, and more importantly, how to stop!

In today’s episode, I’m diving into how acquiescing in your career is holding you back and the eight steps you can take to stop the self-sabotage. Because this behavior leads to more burnout, less self-confidence, and more regrets – and I don’t want that for you, my love!

Ready to stop limiting yourself and tap into your full potential instead?

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