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054: What It Means to Be a Unique, Authentic Leader and How to Make Sure You Are Living by Your True Unique Values

Have you ever been told exactly how and what to be in your career to find success? Or maybe that you need to be more like your male peers? No, no, no – my love! 

Let’s talk about why YOU and your unique set of experiences and values as a woman in tech is the KEY to getting you a seat at the table!

In today’s episode, I share how authentic and value-driven leadership can help you reach your career goals, how to work on your executive presence (without giving up your uniqueness!), and why staying true to your unique values and approach will help you stand out! 

Ready to bring your uniqueness and authentic leadership to the executive table?

Let’s go to the show! 

I dive into:

  • Why YOUR unique values and authentic leadership is the KEY to getting your dream role
  • What the diversity dividend is really about (and why gender diversity = more money!)
  • The #1 challenge I see new leaders facing (and what to do about it!)
  • A simple practice to help you figure out where you need to grow and double down on your value system to uplevel your leadership
  • How to grow your executive presence and improve your strategic thinking (without giving up your uniqueness!)
  • And more!

Show Notes

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