LWIT FB podcast - ep63

063: Confidence and clarity in leadership with Ewelina Szczeblewska

We don’t have to sacrifice and struggle in our careers, my love – we CAN have it all!

Let’s talk about how understanding the impact our personal lives have on our careers can uplevel our tech leadership (and get us the dream role and career!)

In today’s episode, I invite coach Ewelina Szczeblewska to talk about her deep transformational work and how to find the clarity and confidence you need to lead powerfully in your life and career.

Ready to ditch the burnout and self-doubt and find your voice?

Let’s go to the show! 

We dive into:

  • Why Ewelina is so passionate about helping highly ambitious women with their confidence
  • How to STOP giving away your power and START finding your voice and reclaiming your story!
  • The unique challenges you might be facing as a woman in the workplace (and an IMPORTANT tool you can use to identify your own blindspots)
  • One of the MOST underrated executive presence skills – and how to get it!
  • How to develop an early warning system so you can increase your self-awareness and bounce back quicker in your career
  • Why women struggle to gain traction in their leadership career and Ewelina’s BIGGEST piece of advice to help
  • How fear of embarrassment could be showing up in your career, what it REALLY is, and what to do about it!
  • A simple mindset shift you can make TODAY to help you get what you want and thrive in your career
  • Ewelina’s FREE training opportunity!
  • And more! 

Show Notes

Excited to connect with Ewelina? You can find her on:




And on her website at: www.bravingthebeing.com 

Get your hands on her free impostor syndrome training: ‘Conquer the Imposter Syndrome!’ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/conquer-the-imposter-syndrome-tickets-167601954959 

Ready for the 30-Day Leadership Visibility Challenge? Join in at https://tonicollis.com/challenge 

Catch the show notes, and more details about today’s episode here: https://tonicollis.com/episode63 

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