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091: Developing People and Heart-Centered Leadership in Ourselves and Others with Ashleigh Wilson

Do you want to connect more with your team, foster empowerment, and build connections that lead to real innovation?

Then let’s talk about how to develop your people and heart-centered leadership – because this is a path to getting there, my love!

In today’s episode, I invite Ashleigh Wilson, founder & CEO of AuditMate and amazing heart-centered people leader, to discuss her passion for putting people first, some of her best tips to become more people-focused in your leadership, and just how powerful this can really be in business.

Ready to dig into your authentic heart-centered leadership?

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085: What Being a People-First VP of Engineering Looks Like in 2022

Are your habits serving you and your bigger vision?

Let’s talk about how to build habits that are going to set you up for success – and that actually stick!

In today’s episode, I am diving into the power of habits and giving you the practical tools you need for healthy, productive habit building so you can take more aligned action toward your goals.

Ready to let go of the habits that aren’t serving you and build ones more aligned with who you want to be?

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035: How Personality Types Impact Your Leadership

Are the members of your team thriving? Are you utilizing your team’s strengths, while paying attention to your own areas of strength and weakness?

Let’s talk about how self-awareness and personality types can impact your leadership!

In today’s episode, I take you through how understanding personalities and developing self-awareness can help your team thrive in even the most stressful of situations.

Ready to improve your leadership by getting to know the personalities and characteristics of your team?

Let’s go to the show!

I dive into:
How developing self-awareness can truly up-level your leadership
Why understanding the characteristics and personalities of your team is one of the BEST WAYS to improve your leadership
How you might be holding yourself back if you only hire team members that have similar characteristics as you
What personality types DO NOT predict (and how to use this knowledge appropriately)
How acknowledging personality types in the workplace can help with toxicity and friction
And so much more!

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034: Embracing Asynchronous Communication to Build Thriving Remote-Friendly Teams

Does it feel like you are drowning in excessive meetings? Ready to get back to work and spend more time doing the things that light you up and move things forward?

Let’s talk about how to overcome the common issues with working remotely by focusing on and enhancing the communication skills within your team.

In today’s episode, I take you through my TOP SIX STRATEGIES to implement effective asynchronous communication into your team so you can dramatically improve productivity and output (while working remotely)!

Ready to embrace asynchronous communication and start operating at a higher level?

Let’s go to the show!

I dive into:
What asynchronous communication is and the BIGGEST thing you need to deal with to effectively move into it
My TOP SIX STRATEGIES to implement effective asynchronous communication into your team
How to decrease the number of meetings you attend and why this can IMPROVE communication!
The MOST IMPORTANT reasons communication could be holding your team back from higher productivity and output (and what to do about it!)
Identifying where you can use synchronous communication effectively (without unnecessary meetings!)
The BIGGEST objection you will come up against when trying to reduce meetings (and how to bust through it!)
Practical tools and systems to help your team with asynchronous communication
The common ways Slack and other comparable systems are misused
And more!

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033: What it Means to Build a Remote-Friendly Team (and the common mistakes to avoid)

How has the move to working remotely affected you and your team? Are you dealing with problems like less productivity or too many meetings?

It’s time to have a real, hard look at what the next step might be and if you and your team could thrive better under a different remote environment.

In today’s episode, I go over what it really means to build a remote-friendly team and how to cultivate a healthy culture of productivity and success while empowering your team as they work from home.

Ready to uplevel your leadership and start thriving in a remote-friendly environment?

Let’s go to the show!

I dive into:
The MOST IMPORTANT differences between a remote-allowed and a remote-friendly work environment
How to know if you have built or are working in a remote-friendly environment (and how to turn it around if you aren’t!)
Why the amount of formal meetings has increased during Covid (and why this isn’t always the best approach)
How to create tools and processes that actually promote a remote-friendly culture
A mindset shift you need to make as a leader if you have ANY team members working remotely
And more!

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032: 7 Symptoms of a Toxic Workplace

How do you know when your workplace is toxic?

Let’s talk about how you can evaluate your current workplace culture to figure out if it’s still the right place for you!

In today’s episode, I take you through the 7 core symptoms of a toxic workplace and how you can use these as tools to take control of your career.

Ready to look at your options and take steps toward a happier work environment?

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Understanding and handling bias in tech

Bias, explicit and implicit, is around us all day, every day. It is part of the human condition. But just because it is always there, always present and inherent in who we are, doesn’t mean it should just be accepted and ignored. Understanding how to tackle the bias that we personally experience, bias towards others that we observe and our own biases, makes us stronger, better leaders, producing better outcomes and outputs, and building stronger teams.

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Improving working relationships

Working relationships, how we interact and how we feel about the people around us impact our productivity, a team’s productivity and whether we enjoy what we do each day. But most of us don’t actively cultivate good relationships at work, so here are my top tips for improving relationships to make the most of your team, whether you are a current or aspiring leader.

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